John Francis MURPHY
John Murphy ~ Loyola Academy ~ 1937
John Murphy - Loyola Academy Graduation
Loyola Academy Graduation Photo of John Murphy. 1937
John Murphy • 1939
John Murphy. Chicago, Illinois. 1939
John Murphy - 1939
Chicago, Illinois. This is a colorized version of a black and white photo. Colorized and posted on October 30. 2021.
John Murphy ~ Army
John Murphy • US Army WWII
John Murphy - 1944. WWII - Pacific
John Murphy - 1943
Original Black and White Photo. Somewhere in the Pacific.
John Murphy • 1943
Colorized from Original Black and White Photo. John Murphy somewhere in the Pacific.
Dad - Wisconsin
Wayne Avenue
Wayne Avenue Apartments
Wayne Avenue Alley
John Murphy ~ October, 2001
Honor Guard
VFW Proclamation